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Whether you’re crafting character content or delving into virtual worlds, StretchSense ensures an immersive experience

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MoCap Pro SuperSplay gloves + Hand Engine software provide high-quality hand data, enabling you to produce hand content with ease and speed, without worrying about the tedious clean-up process. Select the perfect fit to meet your specific needs.

$6,995 USD*

MoCap Pro Fidelity gloves with Hand Engine software

The ultimate motion capture glove, the Fidelity was designed for an action packed shoot and is comfortable and flexible for the performer.  The AAA grade high fidelity data can be streamed in real-time so you can get creative on shoots and move quickly through post. Add lifelike hands to your characters.


StretchSense Reality Glove. Extended reality glove for Unity, Unreal, OpenXR, SteamVR
$595 USD*

Reality Glove - available for pre-order

The Reality Glove provide unparalleled intuitive immersion and is compatible with OpenXR and SteamVR environments. 

Experience a new level of comfort and convenience with the first-ever wearable and washable XR glove. The Reality Glove offers precise control through natural hand movement, providing you with a hands-on experience.

Please note that the gloves require a third party tracking system.

$1,490/yr USD*

Purchase additional years of Hand Engine software upgrades and premium support (MoCap Pro Fidelity only)

MoCap Pro Fidelity gloves come with a perpetual Hand Engine license with one year of software updates and premium support. Customers can purchase additional years of software upgrades and premium support. The quantity represents the number of additional years you are adding. 



Perpetual pricing is available for academia, please enquire.

*Prices are exclusive of local sales taxes such as VAT or GST.

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