Premium hand motion capture solution

The new
MoCap Pro Fidelity.

Ground-breaking motion capture that turns hands into creative weapons.

Storytelling has changed

Hands are how we create, express ourselves, learn, and interact with our environment.
Consumers expect ever more nuance and realism in their games, movies, and virtual worlds.
Our technology allows creative industries to replicate this subtlety and nuance to produce beautiful life-like animations with precision, speed, efficiency and consistency.

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Nuanced fidelity right out of the glove

Animator-ready data

Fits easily into your pipeline

Optimize for your unique requirements

Smooth FCurves with no lost keyframes

Features designed for the big stage

Motion capture for game & VFX studios

With a sensor for every finger and thumb joint the MoCap Pro Fidelity glove produces our most lifelike hand data yet. 

We are excited that we will continue to offer the MoCap Pro SuperSplay for those customers who don’t need the features and capabilities of the new Fidelity.

With two gloves, we can offer more choice to more customers. You can now decide which glove best fits your needs. 

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Nuanced finger tracking

Our high-fidelity finger tracking solution takes hand motion capture to the next level of nuance.

Instead of optical or inertial technology, our motion capture gloves use unique stretch sensors, supported by machine learning, to deliver results that require minimal clean up in post-production. Perfect for game and VFX studios who want to produce high quality hand content faster.

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