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Introduction to the StretchSense Motion Capture System

MoCap Pro Gloves

MoCap Pro gloves will save you both time and money.

Instead of optical or inertial technology, our motion capture gloves use unique stretch sensors and artificial intelligence to deliver very high quality mocap with minimal clean up required.

Unaffected by shock, drift, occlusion, or magnetic interference: you can rely on a stable hand performance from our gloves on set.

Pose Detection & Blend Modes

Train our unique hand mocap solution to learn the poses you want to see on your character: bringing art direction in at the very start of production, rather than in post.

Pose detection mode to output keyframes from live mocap, or use blend mode to capture the full nuance and expression of a performer.

Say goodbye to endless janitorial keyframing and instead spend time on the fun parts!

Stream Live to Multiple Platforms

Our glove management software Hand Engine streams directly into MotionBuilder, Unity, and Unreal Engine.

Setup and manage multiple gloves and performers concurrently, saving time (and headaches) on shoot day.   

Post process data, re-map onto your assets, edit poses, Timecode and more.

All Day Comfort & Battery Life

Super stretchy sensor technology means our gloves comfortably fit a wide range of hands.

Worry about hygiene? Simply machine wash and dry them on the line.

Additional features:

  • Velcro for body tracking systems
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • 8 hours battery life 
  • SD card for data recovery
"Everything with the gloves is working perfectly! Calibration has been a breeze and all our tests so far have been very successful. It really adds a new level of depth to our body capture. "

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What makes us different is the level of support we provide to customers using our MoCap Pro Glove. If you have a query, start with our support section, and if you can’t find an answer there please get in touch.


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How-to guides and manuals on everything from setting up your gloves and streaming to different platforms.

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