Stretch Sensors
for High Fidelity
Finger Animation

A reliable motion capture alternative
to optical markers

Save Production Time by Using MoCap Pro Gloves

Getting started is as easy as slipping on a pair of gloves. After a quick calibration, MoCap Pro Gloves provide perfect frames so there is no need for post-production clean-up.  Our gloves support both MotionBuilder and Unity. (Unreal coming soon)

Capture Fine Finger Motion with Multisegment Splay Sensors

Accurately capture individual knuckle bending and finger spread with splay sensors

Low latency capacitive sensing circuit with long battery life

Expansion ports for IMUs, timecode, SD cards, and additional sensors.


Supporting apps to help you get testing straightaway. Visit our Github page for code examples, demos and more.

Build your own glove starting with our fabric patterns, case designs, and sensor layouts.

Communicate with external interfaces through SPI, Bluetooth and UART.

StretchSense Gloves for Game Play

Watch game developer Sean Firman demo the integration of HTC Vive trackers and a pair of StretchSense gloves using the Unreal 4 engine.

Where Our Products Are Being Used

Because we make both motion capture products and sensor kits, our technology can be integrated into a wide variety of hardware. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Live Performance Capture

Sport Rehabilitation & Training

Space, Medical & Industrial

Music & Sign Language

Virtual YouTuber

What Ideas Do You Have?