Premium hand motion capture solution

StretchSense MoCap pro gloves.

Premium Hand Motion Capture Solution

High fidelity finger tracking

Instead of optical or inertial technology, our motion capture gloves use unique stretch sensors, supported by machine learning, to deliver results that require minimal clean up in post-production.

Our high-fidelity finger tracking solution revolutionizes hand motion capture.

Pose detection

Teach our solution the poses you want it to detect, then watch your performer hit those exact poses accurately during a live shoot.

Stable performance

Unaffected by shock, drift, occlusion, or magnetic interference; you can rely on stable performance from our gloves on even the most active set.

Performer well-being

We consider performer well-being in the design of our gloves, making them perfect for all-day wear and live performance.

Endless integrations

Currently our solution is integrated with Vicon, Xsens MVN Animate, Maya, Unity, Unreal and MotionBuilder, but we've built it to allow limitless integrations - just tell us what you need!

Quick set up

Download, install and capture accurate finger tracking within minutes. Our new Express Calibration feature makes it even quicker to get started.

Pipeline optimization

Let your animators focus on detail and creativity, instead of the basics, optimizing your pipeline - and your budget.

Fix it in 'Pre'

Because you can edit your preset poses as you record, you can bring in art direction at the very beginning of the motion capture process. Where it should be - with the performer.

No more waiting to 'fix it in post.' Fine tune the motion you're capturing and save time and money when you go into post-production.

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Our solution

Our solution brings together the MoCap Pro stretch sensor glove, and our intelligent hand solver software, Hand Engine.

Prices starting from

$199/mth USD

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Everything with the gloves is working perfectly! Calibration has been a breeze and all our tests so far have been very successful. It really adds a new level of depth to our body capture.

Drew Sumner

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