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Hand Engine software

From production day to pipeline, hand motion capture that fits like a glove

If MoCap Pro gloves are your rocket, Hand Engine is your mission control. Designed for a busy motion capture stage; you can connect, configure and calibrate your gloves at speed.

Hand Engine is the interface between our gloves and your animation software. You choose how you record data and how you retarget. With Hand Engine, you’re in control. Integrations with Unreal Engine, Unity, MotionBuilder, Maya, Vicon Post and XSens.

Speedy setup with powerful optimization tools

Calibrate each performer in 30 seconds and be capturing data in less than a minute. Hand Engine is designed to help you focus on the shoot.

Whatever the scene, Hand Engine has powerful tools that allow you to tune and optimize your calibration. See the results immediately, and adjust to get the exact results you’re after.

CJ in Studio
Pose detection

Multi-performer motion capture shoots

No occlusion combined with Express Calibration removes any barriers to using hand motion capture in multi-performer scenes. With Hand Engine can can record, monitor and manage up to six performers simultaneously.

StretchSense hand motion capture glove

Handling complex props or sign language

Hit reliable, stable poses and record the continuous hand movement in between. By fine-tuning your calibration with our Set Key Pose feature, you get lifelike hand movement as well as exact poses for prop scenes or applications such as sign language.

StretchSense uses machine learning

Lifelike movement captured in data

Stretch sensors are uniquely suited for capturing detailed, lifelike movement. Our sensors capture movement at every joint, so you can use our powerful pose-based tools to tune and tweak your calibration to get the results that you need.

Production ready

On production day, your focus should be on the performance. Hand Engine is designed to make production day simple. To blend into and enhance the way you work, with everything you need in one place.

From minimizing the time it takes you to setup, to making it easy to monitor and manage your performers, Hand Engine has been designed for the most demanding VFX and Game Studio motion capture environments.


Training and support

We want you to get the same great motion capture we do, so we provide dedicated support from a team whose sole focus is on helping you be successful with our solution.  

Our comprehensive Knowledge Base provides clear documentation on best practice workflows as well as helpful videos and how-to guides.  Or check out our YouTube channel for demos and customer content.

Fits easily into VFX & Game Studio pipelines

The transition from motion capture to animation should be smooth, with data management the key to success.  Every pipeline is different so Hand Engine gives you the option to synchronize hand and body data on your target character your way.

With hand data recorded in a format you can easily digest it into your pipeline, data management becomes simple and reliable.

  • Stream Live
  • FBX for retargeting in post
    • Export hand data from Hand Engine as part of a full body FBX file to make retargeting in post simple and accurate.
  • Native integration with Xsens
    • The best of both worlds.  Calibrate your gloves from Hand Engine with all the tools you need at your disposal, click record from Xsens MVN Animate Plus or Pro and the hand data is automatically remapped to the body through our native integration.
  • Direct integration with OptiTrack
    • Stream lifelike StretchSense hand data directly into OptiTrack Motive 3.0. Calibrate your gloves in Hand Engine and click record from Motive.  With clean and natural hand data instantly combined with body data, mocap and animation teams can move quickly, saving time in post-production.
  • Vicon Post integration
    • Automate retargeting in Shogun Post. Vicon customizable scripts for importing StretchSense data in Shogun Post make a time consuming process fast and easy.
  •  Timecode
    • With timecode synchronization, it’s easy to sync MoCap Pro glove data with body data from Vicon or OptiTrack systems.
  • Remote triggering

Full features and specifications

  • Record to up to six performers at the same time
  • Use your own FBX to remap the output of Hand Engine to match custom characters
  • Store performer and calibration profiles
  • Calibrate a performer in 10 seconds using Express Calibration
  • Preview calibration results
  • Use pose tools to tune your calibration to get the results you need
  • Set key poses in line with your performers movement
  • Pre-built pose libraries included e.g. American Sign Language ASL
  • Edit and create your own poses, import / export Hand Engine Pose Library files
  • Auto capture – automatically step through a pose library to a timer
  • PC clock, Vicon and OptiTrack timecode support
  • Record and playback raw data files
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base and customized support from the StretchSense Support team


Stream directly into Unreal Engine, Unity3D, MotionBuilder, Maya, Xsens MVN Animate, OptiTrack Motive and synchronize timecode with Vicon systems.


Once you have created an account, we will assign your license and provide access to the Hand Engine installer within two business days.

Hardware requirements

Minimum requirements to operate this product:
Windows 10 (x64)
CPU 2.5GHz
GPU Dedicated graphics
Memory 8GB

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