StretchSense Motion Capture Gloves New

A glove for every need and budget

Create without compromise


$795 per pair

Streaming and live production
Indie content in Unity & Unreal

Pro Studio for Xsens

$1,995 per pair

MVN animate integration with Unreal & Unity
Multi performer management

Pro Studio

$2,745 per pair

Pro stage integrations
Multi performer management

Pro Fidelity

$6,995 per pair

Highest fidelity finger data
Pro stage integrations
Multi performer management

Customer Stories

Astro Project featuring Snoop Dogg

See how StretchSense helps Snoop Dogg enter into the Metaverse

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OnPoint Studio

Using StretchSense, Optitrack and Faceware, see how OnPoint Studio combines technology to bring character animation to life in Unreal Engine.

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Jaw-dropping throws, grapples, and pure wrestling intensity. See how BATS-TOI harnessed StretchSense hand mocap in TEKFALL SUPREME.

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