Design your own studio glove tracking mount

A mount for every tracker

Currently Available:

Xsens glove tracking mount

Xsens mount

Compatible with:

  • MVN Link Suit
  • MVN Awinda
Optical/Universal glove tracking mount. For use with optical, Tundra and HTV Vive trackers.

Optical/Universal mount

Compatible with:

  • Viva Trackers
  • Tundra Trackers
  • Optical Motion Capture

Or you can 3D print your own!

The design files are shared under a creative commons license,  which upholds our ownership of the designs while granting you the right to utilize and distribute your creations freely.. 
Please review the terms outlined below. By downloading the files from this page, you acknowledge and agree to the terms described in the link provided.
Sony mocopi tracking mount.

As an example...

Using the tracking mount design files provided below, we constructed a custom mocopi mount.


Attaching a large or heavy tracker?

When you design your own mounts there are a few things to bear in mind. To ensure a good fit between the mount and the enclosure ensure to use a quality 3D printer.

The enclosure isn’t designed for heavy objects. If the tracker you attach causes a wobble when you move your hands around it will likely mean your wrists appear to wobble on your character or avatar and you may also damage your Studio Gloves. While bracing the mount to the back of your hand may help, DO NOT ATTACH OBJECTS THAT CREATE SIGNIFICANT WOBBLE when attached to your Studio Glove as the wobble will tear your gloves.

We encourage the use of third party straps like those found at this link if you intend on performing particularly rigorous action with the Vive trackers in particular, or any other large tracker.

Designed your own mount? Share it with the community on our Discord Channel

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