Xsens MVN integration

StretchSense & Xsens MVN

Access all the advanced features of our hand mocap solution in the same place you capture body data

Give the gift of hands

It’s difficult to interact with things without proper fingers but with the help of Hand Engine and our MoCap Pro gloves you can easily stream your hands directly into MVN.

Premium body and hand motion capture in one

To create the most beautiful animation content for the consumer, nuance and performance are critical. That’s what makes the synergy of the Xsens body suit and the StretchSense hand mocap solution a perfect complement. Combine your Xsens body data with StretchSense hand motion capture data inside MVN Animate and MVN Analyze software platforms.

Direct integration

Access all the advanced features of our hand mocap solution in then same software you capture your body data.

FBX Export

Export motion capture session as FBX, BVH and more. Load into your 3D software of choice, including Maya, Unreal Engine, Houdini, Blender...

No clean up

Eliminate post-production time and save money by capturing quality body and hand data live.


How Mindshow’s game engine tool is changing the animation industry

Mindshow is a creative 3D animation production company, based in Los Angeles, fundamentally disrupting how animation is created by making them in real-time inside VR headsets, and using StretchSense hands with XSens in their virtual production workflow.

Are you an Xsens user looking for more finger tracking nuance?

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