Open SDK

Open SDK for Studio Glove

Empower your applications with the magic of gesture recognition and real-time hand data

Interact in XR

Reliable control that lets the user immerse themselves in the experience.

Digitize hands

Add hands to your body capture system or drive robotics systems from half a world away.

Trigger events

Use intuitive gestures to make IOT magic happen, and take control of your environment.

Why choose the StretchSense Open SDK?

Built on the foundation of OSC (Open Sound Control), the StretchSense Open SDK opens up a world of possibilities for developers and innovators across diverse industries. Seamlessly integrate hand tracking capabilities into your projects and unlock a new dimension of user interaction.

Lightweight and Flexible: Minimize library dependencies and effortlessly integrate into your existing workflows.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Build solutions that work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices.

Real-Time Data Streaming: Receive accurate hand data in real-time for immediate responsiveness.

Develop with confidence

Determinative finger data

Consistent finger data that can be used to reliably drive events. Available as rotation data or position in space relative to the wrist joint.

Immune to interference, occlusion and drift

Based on capacitive stretch sensor technology, the Studio Glove is immune to magnetic interference and doesn't suffer from drift or occlusion.

All-day wearable and washable

Comfortable and unobtrusive, the Studio Glove is designed so that the wearer will forgot they're wearing a glove. Machine washable.

Well documented & Community Driven

Designed by developers for developers, the Open SDK is well documented with best practice guides and samples. Join a vibrant community of developers on our Discord channel, share ideas, and collaborate on groundbreaking projects.


Premium hand data without the price tag

The Studio Glove offers natural hand movement and precise control with an easy to use Open SDK, so you can stream finger data to your app with ease.

Capture realistic and expressive hand movement

With 16 sensors the Studio Glove provides realistic and expressive hand capture so you can captivate audiences with characters that feel authentic.

Shock proof sensors

StretchSense gloves were designed to be put through their paces. Shock proof sensors, an all-day battery life and wireless range you can trust.

OSC based Open SDK for language flexibility

OSC is flexible and works well with many programming languages, making it easy for your to develop your app in the language that suits you.

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