OptiTrack Motive integration

Brings hands into Motive 3.0

Experience uncompromising hand data on your characters in real time

OptiTrack customers can now see accurate, lifelike hand data live in Motive 3.0, which means mocap teams can raise the bar for scenes with prop or actor interaction. It’s difficult to judge prop interaction without seeing accurate hand data. Don’t hope you nailed it, know you nailed it.

Premium body and hand motion capture in one

To create the most engaging lifelike character content game studios and VFX companies need lifelike data in real time. That’s what makes the synergy of the OptiTrack body motion capture and the StretchSense hand mocap solutions a perfect complement. Combine your OptiTrack data with StretchSense hand motion capture data inside Motive for real time feedback on the performance. 

Direct integration with Motive 3.0

Stream StretchSense hand data directly into OptiTrack Motive. Combine hand and body data at source.

Real time hand and finger data

Interact with props or other actors and see the results in Motive in real time.

Save time in post

Eliminate post-production time and accelerate projects by using clean StretchSense hand data


How OnPoint Studio's creates real-time improv performances with Optitrack and StretchSense

OnPoint Studios, powered by @NEXRTechnologiesSE, has the largest motion capture and virtual production volume in Berlin, Germany, specializing in hybrid virtual production and real-time solutions that enable their customers to extend their realities and interact with global audiences, virtually, live!

Are you an OptiTrack user looking for more nuanced finger tracking?

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