mocopi via VMC

Making mocap easy for everyone

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Add hands to your Sony Mocopi
Unity 3D.

Stream to VMC

Stream high quality, consistent hand data into VMC or onto your VRM model.

Gloves that you'll forget you're wearing

Use your phone or interact with props without having to take the gloves off.

Built for all-day streams

StretchSense gloves are comfortable to wear and easy to use with a 12hr+ battery life.


Premium performance without the price tag

Designed for streaming into the animation platform of your choice, our Studio Glove provides lifelike movement and a comfortable fit. 

Capture realistic and expressive hand movemnt

With 16 sensors the Studio Glove provides realistic and expressive hand capture so you can captivate audiences with characters that feel authentic.

Shock proof sensors

StretchSense gloves were designed to be put through their paces. Shock proof sensors, an all-day battery life and wireless range you can trust.

Stream to the platform of your choice

Integrations with VMC, Unreal, and Unity.

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