MoCap Pro Gloves

MoCap Pro gloves

Get high quality, usable hand data straight off the glove


MoCap Pro gloves digitize the hand and finger movement of your performer with incredible accuracy. When combined with Hand Engine, our hand solver software, MoCap Pro gloves deliver high quality data at speed, even in the most demanding motion capture environments.

Highly accurate repeatable measurements

Stretch sensors produce a highly accurate repeatable measurement.  The result is high fidelity hand data that captures unparalleled nuance and fidelity of movement.

Fidelity stretch sensor

Sensor technology that produces animator ready data

With highly repeatable measurements, stretch sensors produce mocap data with a smooth key frame curve straight off the glove. 

No occlusion or drift

With no cameras and being unaffected by magnetic fields, stretch sensors don’t suffer from occlusion or drift which means next to no clean-up is required.

Keep it real

By measuring movement directly from the finger joints, our data preserves the naturalness and lifelike fluidity of a performer’s movement.

Smooth FCurves

Because there’s minimal clean-up and polish required, your animation team can work directly from our data saving significant time in post-production.

The MoCap Pro Range

The MoCap Pro Fidelity

Use hands as a creative weapon.

  • 26 sensors
  • 65ft / 20m Bluetooth range

The world’s best hand motion capture glove now measures every degree of freedom of the hand. It has 26 highly accurate stretch sensors that produce usable hand data straight off the glove. Get performance that can push the boundaries of content engagement in record time.

The MoCap Pro SuperSplay

Hand data with a smooth keyframe curve.

  • 16 sensors
  • 32ft / 10m Bluetooth range

The MoCap Pro SuperSplay has 16 sensors and as with all StretchSense gloves, the underlying stretch sensor technology doesn’t suffer from occlusion.  Mocap teams can provide animators with usable hand data without the clean-up.

Comfortable, accurate and robust

StretchSense MoCap Pro series gloves are built for action. They are robust enough to hold their calibration during active scenes like rigorous combat or live applause. Made with a comfortable stretchy fabric, your performers can focus on their performance.

All day comfort on any hand

Stretchy fabric that stays comfortable for full-day shoots. The fabric allows for a wide variety of hand shapes and with three sizes available, it fits like a glove.

Designed for props

With thin, flexible fabric and grip pads across the palm and fingers, the MoCap Pro makes handling even the most challenging props easy.

Features prioritized by customer feedback

All day battery life, Bluetooth and SD Card for recording data, and machine washable.

Connect your way - anywhere

Up to 65ft / 20m Bluetooth range, perfect for even the largest stages.

Record to onboard SD card for backup, or to capture away from the stage.

"We have doubled the speed of our post-production through the use of the StretchSense gloves."
Adrian Perdjon
CEO, Bones Studio
“There wouldn’t have been time to keyframe this whole character and I don’t think it would have looked as real anyway."
Aaron Sims
President, Aaron Sims Creative
"You can just put them on, get a quick calibration and you are up and running."
aaron sims creative logo
Lyle Cooley
Motion Capture Supervisor, Versatile Media

MoCap Pro Gloves Compared

 MoCap Pro
MoCap Pro
Total number of sensors1626
Sensor for every degree of freedom in the hand –Yes
Superior prop interaction data –Yes
Animator-ready data. Occlusion and drift freeYesYes
Prop-use features  
Wrist compensation sensors15
Superior fingertip design for prop handling –Yes
Bluetooth range32ft / 10m65ft / 20m
SD card on gloveSupported64GB
Battery life8 hrs8 hrs
Charge time2. 5 hrs2.5 hrs
On-glove battery status and charge light –Yes
Charge glove while recording –Yes
Glove comfort & care  
Easy on and off –Yes
All day comfortYesYes
Machine washableYesYes
Full Hand Engine feature set YesYes
Velcro over-glove for optical markersOptional – $80/pairOptional – $80/pair


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