MoCap Pro Gloves

MoCap Pro gloves

Stretch sensor-enabled motion capture gloves

Built for animators

Calibrate the gloves using your own pose libraries and get keyframe quality data from live performance capture.

Stretch sensors

Instead of optical or inertial tech, our mocap gloves use stretch sensors and AI to deliver results with no occlusion or drift.

Comfortable, accurate and robust

StretchSense MoCap Pro gloves are fitted with multi-segment splay sensors that are cleverly designed to capture knuckle bend and finger splay separately. Our gloves are stable and robust enough to hold their calibration during action scenes such as live applause or rigorous combat.

All day comfort and battery Life

Comfortable stretchy fabric and 8 hours of battery life, perfect for full day performance shoots.

Robust and hygienic

Built to endure the rigor of live performance, and machine washable.

Stream live
to multiple platforms

Our glove software Hand Engine streams hand data directly into your favorite 3D software, including: MotionBuilder, Unity, Maya,  Unreal Engine, and Xsens MVN. Export FBX files and import them into other platforms such as Houdini and Blender.

Key features

  • Rubberized grips on the palm improve performer safety and make the gloves ideal for prop or stunt work
  • Velcro for optical markers
    Being able to attach optical markers to the back of the glove provides the ability to add redundant data and better integrate the coordinate system of MoCap Pro gloves and optical tracking systems
  • Stretchy fabric to allow for a wide variety of hand shapes and sizes – comfortable for performers who wear gloves on full-day shoots
  • Splay/finger spread detection means a large cross-section of performers will get a good output because the hardware carries a lot of the load. A high signal-to-noise ratio means gloves can be calibrated quicker than the original MoCap Pro, because fewer training poses are required –  saving time and money. Even if a performer doesn’t train properly, there is a higher chance of a good signal and a good relationship between the data recorded by the glove and the mocap software.

Apps and plugins

Hand Engine software

Hand Engine supports Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya, Xsens MVN Animate and MotionBuilder. It also can integrate with VICON timecode. Contact us to enquire about support for other platforms.


  • 5x Integrated 3-channel multi-segment splay sensors (measures finger spread)
  • 1x Wrist sensor for added accuracy
  • 1x 16-channel sensing board with built-in battery charging, Bluetooth and StretchSense ASIC
  • 1x Expansion module for USB connectivity, timecode input, onboard SD card logging, and optional IMU
  • 1x Electronics enclosure
  • 8-hour continuous use battery life
  • See the MoCap Pro Glove Size Chart (PNG 371KB)


  • Bluetooth dongle with MoCap Pro firmware installed
  • 1.8m USB to USB Micro cable


We ship FCA from Auckland, which means responsibility for tax or duties applied during import is the responsibility of the importer. See our full Terms and Conditions.

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