Motion Capture

Hand Engine 3 – Goodbye paddle hands

Hand Engine 3 represents a new era in the democratization of motion capture. The first professional hand motion capture solution to make capturing hand data for all your performers accessible to everyone. With Hand Engine 3, studios can capture up

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Pro Studio Glove for Xsens

StretchSense Partners with Movella to Deliver Indie Program

The StretchSense Pro Studio Glove for Xsens delivers professional-grade motion capture tailored for independent creators. With Hand Engine software now seamlessly integrated with Unity, Unreal Engine, and Movella’s MVN software, creators can express themselves vividly through their hands. Priced at

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Best Mocap Gloves

StretchSense Studio Line Now Shipping

The Studio Line gloves are now shipping! Starting at $795, these gloves are tailored for animators and streamers – blending durability, performance, and affordability. Create without Compromise Powered by our cutting-edge stretch sensor technology, these gloves excel in demanding motion

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Mindshow and StretchSense

Mindshow Case Study – A Whole New World

VR has so much creative potential to be explored, and our friends at Mindshow know that better than anyone. By utilizing motion capture (mocap) technology like the StretchSense gloves alongside an immersive VR toolkit, they are revolutionizing the approach of

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Hand Engine 2-0 New Interface

StretchSense Hand Engine 2.0.0 Released 

Our first major upgrade to Hand Engine comes with a long list of enhancements. Hand Engine 2.0.0 includes an improved user interface, support for our brand new MoCap Pro glove – the Fidelity, and new stage controls for managing performers.

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Hand Engine 2-0 Coming Soon

StretchSense Hand Engine 2.0: Coming Soon in 2022 

Major release promises speed and simplicity at your fingertips. We’re excited to announce the first new major update to our software Hand Engine. Version 2.0 is coming soon, and promises an improved user interface, designed with feedback from our customers.

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