Connectivity options explained

StretchSense motion capture gloves come with excellent Wireless range out of the box. If your mocap environment needs something more, StretchSense has a solution. The article below explains the connectivity solutions available for StretchSense MoCap Pro gloves.

Motion capture (mocap) teams need a connection they can rely on. Loss of connection while capturing performance may result in “bad data” or reels that are unusable, necessitating reshoots and a frustrating loss of time. Proper connectivity is not simply a nicety – it’s a necessity.  

Poor connectivity usually happens as a result of frequencies being disrupted by obstructions, distance, or even other devices being used nearby. Identifying the cause of obstruction is a useful first step towards achieving the solution but with StretchSense, whatever the problem, we have a solution. 

Unmatched Wireless Connectivity with up to 65ft Range

StretchSense Mocap Pro Fidelity gloves come ready-made with excellent Wireless ranges, reaching over 65ft (20m) radius. The Fidelity gloves also come with an SD card slot to ensure you don’t lose your data, even if you lose your connection.  

If your connectivity needs are more extreme or complex than that of a standard large stage, then the following sections provide an overview of the StretchSense range extension solutions that can solve your connection problem.  

At StretchSense we believe mocap technology should be bulletproof and we provide solutions to make sure that we’ve got all your bases covered. And we don’t stop there.  Our support team will work with you to help you find the right solution for your needs and answer any questions you might have to help you get set up. 

Tool Tip

Having a Wireless range is an exceptionally useful tool, but it suffers from interference from its surroundings. Indoors, obstacles such as concrete walls or ramps may attenuate the radio signal, lowering the effective range. Metal desks, surrounding computers, stage equipment, and other actors can also interfere with the range.

A simple way to reduce the overall amount of disruption to your Wireless connection is to implement a blackout. This is standard procedure in many studios and a good practice to reduce the number of interferences to RF signals.

Connectivity Solutions Explained

Central USB Wireless Hub

Effective Range
66ft (20m) SuperSplay; 131ft (40m) Fidelity

For those seeking increased range of connectivity for their StretchSense gloves, the centrally-mounted USB Wireless hub is the option of choice.

Mounting a Wireless hub centrally minimizes interference and maximizes range. A suspended hub, ideally mounted above the stage, provides the greatest amount of coverage and in the right conditions can as much as double the operable Wireless range. Additionally, suspending the hub above the stage reduces the chances of obstructions interfering with connectivity.

While the Fidelity gloves have an inherent range of 66ft (20m), this is determined by its distance from the accompanying Wireless hub it is paired with. By mounting the hub centrally instead of offstage, users naturally experience a broader range of operation (up to 131ft or 40m) and more secure connection when performing in the middle of the stage.

Wi-Fi Bridge

Effective Range
Typically 98ft (30m), varying based on Wi-Fi acquisition range

This solution utilizes the StretchSense app to extend the range of mocap gloves’ streaming capabilities. It works by streaming glove data through the phone before sending the data via Wi-Fi back to the PC running Hand Engine using UDP.

The range of this solution is only limited by the distance one can achieve between their phone and the router, so we recommend setting up a dedicated 3rd party router for best effect. 

SD Card

Effective Range

When connectivity is intermittent and there are no other solutions on-hand, you can still rely on the SD card recording. While the SD card is most often used as a back-up to provide redundancy against data loss, should your situation require something special, the SD card unlocks the mocap performer to move anywhere.

When recording to SD the gloves must be within Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range of Hand Engine when the recording is started and stopped but beyond that, the sky is the limit.  

Final Thoughts

StretchSense gloves possess excellent connectivity ranges and data quality, but every environment, stage, and project is different. By utilizing solutions to meet potential connectivity problems, problems can be prevented before they begin. If you’ve got questions about your mocap environment and the best solution for you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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