StretchSense Ready applications

The StretchSense Reality Glove brings intuitive control to virtual worlds. With SteamVR compatibility this isn’t just true for the latest VR games and titles. For existing content you can map the buttons to any hand gesture, bringing intuitive control to your favorite titles.

Swap buttons for the real thing

Map gestures to buttons for existing content

With the enemy in your sites, don’t push the button, pull the trigger. With the StretchSense Reality Glove you can configure any gesture as a button, even for content that wasn’t designed to be used with gloves.  

While you can configure any gesture as any button or combination of buttons, this works best for natural hand movements. Where the action the button performs isn’t a natural hand gesture, you’re probably best to stick with a controller. For example, swapping the fire weapon button for a trigger pull gesture works perfectly, but try to configure a fist gesture as accelerate and the effect isn’t so great.

What is StretchSense Ready?

Reality Glove customers are free to try any game they like and are free to configure as gesture as any button, however to make life easier, we’ve created a list of content that we think works well with gesture control. A StretchSense Ready app is an app that’s been tested to check it works well with gesture control.  

We’re gamers ourselves so we’re creating this list from the titles we’ve been playing. If you find a game or app that works well that’s not on the list, let us know.  

What are application feature packs?

Application feature packs are preconfigured buttons choice that allow you to skip the configuration and get playing. Our team of gamers have selected a set of intuitive gestures with maximum immersion as their goal.  Application features packs are application specific.  A list of available application feature packs will be available on this page soon.

StretchSense Ready titles

Half-Life: Alyx

The Lab

Pavlov VR

The Lab

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