At StretchSense we pride ourselves on making soft sensors and energy harvesting easy.

We want you, our customers, to be able to focus on what it is that is valuable in your market. We do not believe this should include making the sensors and our energy harvesters work. It should be about using the data and the power they provide to enable something great.

We will always do everything we can to make using our sensors and energy harvesters a straight-forward business decision, both technically and commercially. Intellectual property is a critical component of this process. We have worked with this technology for a decade. Where a ready-made solution for an application doesn’t exist yet, we are experts at adapting the technology. Where others have a useful part of the solution, we will license and integrate that technology, because we also do not believe in slowing down to reinvent the wheel.

Our goal is to see this technology flourish, and our focus is on providing the very best sensor and energy harvesting solutions and make them easily accessible to you, our customer.

StretchSense IP Policy

Our IP policy is simple: StretchSense retains all sensor and generator IP, and you, our customer, are free to protect your applications for our technology in any way you see fit. You will always get the very best technology without having to pay to develop it from scratch, and you have full control over how you protect the way you use our technology in the product and markets that matter to you.

Our IP policy creates an even playing field for our customers and ourselves. However, we do recognize that being first to market is imperative for the success of new products. In general, StretchSense will not sign broad exclusivity deals, but we will consider exclusivity within a defined scope if you have a specific market niche, a <5 year development time frame, are targeting a mass market application, and you are prepared to commit to upfront payments, minimum order volumes, and go-to-market milestones.

StretchSense Licensing Partners

StretchSense has licensed technology from Parker Hannifin Corporation and from Auckland UniServices Limited.

Parker Hannifin Corporation

StretchSense products that utilise certain dielectric electro-active polymer (DEAP) technology are manufactured and supplied under licence from the Quick Coupling Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, Minneapolis, MN, USA (“Parker”). Such licence enables StretchSense to manufacture and supply Parker DEAP transducer products generally for evaluation and application validation purposes, and commercially for consumer electronics, motion capture and augmented/virtual reality, and sports and fitness industries. Commercial use in other industries is subject to Parker’s prior consent.

Auckland UniServices Limited

StretchSense products that utilise certain sensor and dielectric elastomer generator technologies are manufactured and supplied under license from Auckland UniServices Limited in Auckland, New Zealand (“UniServices”). These licensed technologies originally being created by the Biomimetics Lab at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. Such license enables StretchSense to manufacture and supply sensor and dielectric elastomer generator products for evaluation, application validation, and commercial purposes for all fields.

StretchSense Intellectual Property

StretchSense owns and is the licensee of intellectual property in the areas of stretch sensing and soft energy harvesting technology. StretchSense has multiple patent applications relating to the design, manufacture, and utilization of stretch sensing and energy harvesting components, and aggressively files patent applications on the bases of our regular product and manufacturing development.