Full hand motion capture solution

Our software is as unique and feature-rich as our gloves: together they provide the optimal finger tracking solution.

Pose detection and high fidelity finger tracking

Rock solid stability combined with a pose detection centered system means you rapidly get a return on your investment with our solution.

You can adjust your poses very quickly during a live shoot, including the strength of the pose detection, giving you complete control over your result.

Support for major platforms

Express Calibration

With our solution you can choose the level of calibration detail you need for to achieve the results you are after. Three Pose Calibration if you want to get started quickly, Performance Calibration if you need highly detailed motion capture and our new Express Calibration which will achieve most of what you want in seconds.

Our solution integrates directly into your pipeline

FBX export

As well as integrating with major 3D software packages via live connection, you can also export your work from Hand Engine as FBX files (Autodesk Filmbox format).

Find out more about our hand mocap solution

Discover why our unique stretch sensor motion capture gloves are the best solution for your business.

Our bespoke software provides integrates with most major SD design platforms and can export to FBX.

Try our hand motion capture solution for yourself