High fidelity hand motion capture at speed

Capture high quality, nuanced hand motion capture data and spend less time in post-production.

Animator-ready data accelerates
Game & VFX Studios projects

With our unique finger tracking technology, capture high fidelity hand data with smooth keyframe curves straight from the glove.

Stretch sensors don’t suffer from occlusion or drift, and are impact resistant, reducing the number of motion capture shoots required. Deliver animator-ready motion data that is so clean you can use it directly on your final animation sequences.

Support for all major platforms

Sensors made for finger tracking

Based on a fundamentally different sensor technology to other hand motion capture solutions, our gloves deliver highly repeatable, accurate measurements.  The end result is clear, crisp movement data that’s easy for animators to work with.  

High quality usable data allows Game & VFX Studios to push boundaries and start using hands as a creative weapon.

Gloves and Hand Engine
OptiTrack body StretchSense gloves

Fast performer setup

Perfect for multi-performer scenes, set up each performer in less than a minute using sub-30 second calibrations.

During the shoot you can focus on the performance, not the mocap technology. Stretch sensors don’t suffer from drift so you calibration can last all day. 

"We have doubled the speed of our post-production through the use of the StretchSense gloves."
Adrian Perdjon CEO
Bones Studio

Integrates into your pipeline

Every pipeline is different, so we let you do things your way. We offer a variety of integrations, making the lining up our hands to your character’s body fast, simple and accurate.

As well as native integration with Xsens, direct streaming integrations to Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder, Maya and Unity, and synchronization with OptiTrack, Vicon and Qualisys, you can export full body FBX files from Hand Engine opening up a world of possibilities!

StretchSense integrations into your motion capture pipeline. Our partners include Unreal, Unity, Maya, MoBu, OptiTrack, Vicon, Qualysis and XSens.

Do you want to spend less time in post-production?

Find out more

Discover how you can create high fidelity hand content at speed.

From production day to pipeline, Hand MoCap that fits like a glove

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