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How to GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR MoCap Pro Gloves

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Here, you’ll find us experimenting with Unreal Engine, Unity3D and MotionBuilder as well showing off the amazing finger tracking and accurate hand motion capture our gloves are capable of.

Integrating Xsens Body Mocap via VPN and in MotionBuilder

Washing MoCap Pro gloves in a domestic washing machine

Save Time Adding Keyframe Animation to Existing Assets

Metacarpal Manipulation

Connect Timecode to MoCap Pro Gloves

Integration with OptiTrack in MotionBuilder

Re-targeting to Multiple Character Types

MoCap Pro Gloves WiFi Connectivity

MotionBuilder — Configuring the StretchSense Plugin

MotionBuilder — Using Freestyle Mode

MoCap Pro Gloves Features and Development

Catch up on innovation, sneak peek previews and experiments as we explore and develop the MoCap Pro. 

SNEAK PEEK: Live Streaming Hand Mocap Directly into UE4
SNEAK PEEK: Live streaming into Unity with a Vive tracker

SNEAK PREVIEW: New MoCap Pro Prototype

Capturing gesticulation and clapping with high fidelity finger tracking

“Super Splay” Plugin available (April 2020)

Software Update Improves Accuracy and Speed of MoCap

MoCap Pro Gloves in Action

See what others are doing with the MoCap Pro Glove.

Planters Baby Nut Live Stream Using MoCap Pro Gloves

Creating music with StretchSense Gloves and a V-synth 

Zombie Hands in a Production Environment (Part 1)
Zombie Hands in a Production Environment (Part 2)
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