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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions about our MoCap Pro gloves and how to get the most out of them. If you can't find the answer you're looking for please contact us directly for help.

For fast, robust results we recommend incorporating the fully rigged StretchSense Ninja and the StretchSense MoCap Pro Plugin into your MotionBuilder scene and using the Ninja’s control rig to drive the hands of your character. See our Github repository for the MoCap Pro Glove SDK. This approach is fully compatible with using other motion capture hardware to drive the rest of your character’s body and face, and takes care of any anatomical differences between the actor’s hands and the character’s hands with minimal effort. View a video on our YouTube channel to see how to re-target real time hand mocap data from MoCap Pro Gloves onto different characters with different hand anatomies in MotionBuilder.  
We provide WiFi modules and recommend this solution where you have more than four actors in a small space or when you will be operating the gloves in a noisy environment. You can also use our gloves in USB tethered mode (e.g. for desk animation).
Our gloves have a battery life of 8-10 hours continuously streaming data, enough  for a full day’s mocap shoot. Our modules require 2-3 hours to be fully recharged.
You train them exactly the same way you train any actor. If the position of the knuckle is different from person to person there is significant room for overlap and zero impact on function as long as the knuckles fall somewhere within the sensing zone. The main issue with hand size is that you will may need to move to a differently sized glove for actor comfort, should you switch talent.
We have a variety of tools for Unity all of which are available on request.
  1. Unity project that will let you access raw data from our gloves to build your own custom applications
  2. Unity project with our classifier mode built in that lets you snap the glove to predefined poses
  3. We are developing our own Windows application that will manage streaming multiple gloves on a network, databases of training data, and provide machine learning models for our glove. This will support a variety of front ends which will be released in this order Unity, MotionBuilder, Unreal, Maya. This application will be provided under a software subscription
We offer short term loans of trial gloves to a limited selection of customers. If you'd like to discuss borrowing a glove get in touch today.
Captured data can be recorded in several locations to cover all use cases.  Raw data can be saved to a user-specified file on the SD card on board the gloves. Raw data, joint angles and your calibration profile are saved to a unique local folder on the computer every time you click record. Joint angles are also saved directly into the FBX of your character. Recording all of your parameters and data means that if you discover you are not happy with the calibration of your gloves the day after your studio shoot, you can update the calibration and reprocess all of the raw data again with the new calibration, thus avoiding a costly second session in the studio.
Currently four pairs of gloves can be connected to one instance of MotionBuilder.
Yes all files recorded in MotionBuilder share the name of the take that the user specifies in the MotionBuilder UI. This take name will also be saved to the SD Card when live triggering is being used.
You can live record information in MotionBuilder. Live triggering recording to SD Card is coming soon.
Our gloves are made of a stretchy material so have a good tolerance for various hand sizes and shapes. However, it is important that you purchase the right size glove for your actor or animator’s hands. Please review our MoCap Pro Gloves - Sizing Chart (PDF 310KB) before purchase. Our glove comes in the following sizes: small, medium and large. In general small and medium are suitable for women’s hands, and large for men.
Development for an Unreal 4 (UE4) plugin is underway. For an update on our progress please get in touch or to hear about the latest innovations, sign up to our newsletter.
Yes, our gloves are made to be machine-washed. Pull the circuit and built-in battery out and the gloves are ready to be machine-washed and line-dried.
Our gloves are designed for stunts including martial arts and use with props such as swords. Our sensors are very tough and because they are sewn into the glove fabric, therefore they cannot snap or break with reasonable use. Our sensors are currently being used in shoes, insoles, boxing gloves and medical devices for which robustness has been thoroughly tested. In addition, our gloves are machine washable and have surpassed 200 wash cycle testing in cold water with detergent. For further information about what constitutes "reasonable use" in the context of the MoCap Pro Glove please contact us
You can connect Timecode using an UltraSync One module and MotionBuilder Each MoCap Pro Glove accepts LTC data from an UltraSync One module via the built-in USB-C port and will timestamp each data packet at the time of capture. In the absence of a connected UltraSync One module, the glove’s internal frame counter will be used to time-stamp each data packet. Detailed instructions follow, or if you’d rather, watch a video demonstration of how to connect Timecode in our Video section You will need
  1. At least one MoCap Pro Glove
  2. An UltraSync One module (one per glove)  
  3. AutoDesk MotionBuilder
  4. The StretchSense MotionBuilder plugin
Installing the StretchSense MotionBuilder Plugin
  1. Download the relevant plugin for your version of MotionBuilder from the StretchSense Glove SDK available on StretchSense's Github page.
  2. Copy the StretchSense plugin DLL to the Plugins folder of your MotionBuilder installation. 
Connecting MotionBuilder, UltraSync One and a MoCap Pro Glove
  1. After charging the UltraSync One module plug it into the MoCap Pro glove using a USB-C cable (make sure you've enabled USB-C output of your UltraSync One module)
  2. Activate the UltraSync by pressing the button on the outside and synchronise the Ultrasync One module with your studio master clock
  3. Open or create the MotionBuilder scene you will be working in
  4. Merge the StretchSense "Ninja" FBX into your scene (one Ninja per actor being captured)
  5. Drop the StretchSense device into your scene (note one StretchSense device is required for each glove being used
  6. Configure the StretchSense device using the device UI
  7. To use Timecode, go to the Advanced Settings tab on the StretchSense device UI
  8. In the Timecode Settings section, change Timer Source from Auto Select to Timecode Ultrasync
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for each glove with an Ultrasync One module connected.
Each MoCap Pro Glove has five multi-segment splay sensors running down each finger and thumb. These sensors can measure the bend of the proximal interphalangeal joint and the metacarpophalangeal joints separately as well as lateral spread of the fingers (finger splay).
Our gloves can be calibrated using a process of mapping raw sensor values to various hand poses that you can choose.  Because our gloves fit snugly on your hands there is not a need to constantly re-calibrate the gloves. Watch a video demonstrating the stability of the MoCap Pro Glove.
Check our MoCap Pro Gloves User Guide (PDF 4.57MB) for supported hand bone hierarchies. Simply map these to your character in your motion capture or animation software of choice. Contact us if you need to support a custom bone hierarchy.
Our gloves work in parallel with any other motion capture hardware you use with  MotionBuilder. We stream raw sensor data directly into MotionBuilder and convert that into joint angles for the hand bones. To add real time hand capture to your own character, we highly recommend adding the StretchSense Ninja and the StretchSense Plugin to your MotionBuilder scene, using the gloves to drive the StretchSense Ninja, and using the Ninja’s control rig to re-target to your character’s hands. You are free to drive the rest of your character’s body and face movement using your existing motion capture hardware.
Our gloves are designed with actors, animators and production technicians in mind. They are designed to measure finger spread (splay) and are the only finger tracking system that uses stretch sensors making data capture reliable and repeatable. The gloves are ready to go after a quick and simple calibration routine and have the battery life and comfort required for a full day’s shoot. Because the gloves don’t require constant re-calibration, data capture is quick and easy, saving valuable production time.
StretchSense (part of Sensor Holdings) makes the MoCap Pro Glove using its bespoke stretchable sensors which are lightweight, robust, and provide highly repeatable data regardless of environmental fluctuations. For more about StretchSense, and to find out about its other product lines visit www.stretchsense.com.
The MoCap Pro Glove is a motion capture glove designed to capture fine hand and finger performance for use in animation across a range of industries including film and game development. It is a non-optical glove, instead using bespoke stretch sensors, which gives it a number of key advantages including the ability to record regardless of occlusion, dramatically reduced need for re-calibration, improved comfort and highly repeatable, accurate motion data.
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