Smart Clothing

Perfect for measuring sports motion

Our lightweight, flexible Fabric Stretch Sensors and low-powered circuits are designed to integrate into garments. Fabric Stretch Sensors are made to be tough, enabling new developments in sports suits, gloves, and other smart apparel. Sew them in, stretch them and start testing.

How it works:

Stretch sensors are like smart elastic bands with Bluetooth. When attached to clothing the sensors change shape with your body motion. Change in a sensors’ shape is interpreted with a sensing circuit. Precise, real-time motion data is then sent to your mobile phone or tablet.

motion capture


Athletes and trainers are always looking for an edge, and now that sensor technology can be incorporated into workout clothing, they have a new reason to get excited. Motion capture is a tool that sports scientists have been using for a while, but until recently, this has been restricted to sports-performance facilities. Now, due to advances in low power circuitry and sensor technology, it’s possible for athletes to use motion-tracking smart garments wherever they choose to train.


Recommended kits for smart clothing

StretchSPORT Kit

StretchSPORT-Dev-Kit.png (1)
  • BatteryBattery
  • AndroidStretchSense Android Data Capture App
  • Ios StretchSense iOS Data Capture App
  • Circuit10-Channel SPI Sensing Circuit

The StretchSPORT kit contains a combination of sensors tailored for sports and fitness applications. Lightweight and unobtrusive, these sensors give developers the freedom to experiment with multiple ideas. This kit contains 2x Fabric Stretch Sensors, 5x Silicone Stretch Sensors and 1x 10-channel SPI sensing circuit.

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Enterprise kit

Enterprise Kit.png
  • BatteryBattery
  • Circuit10-Channel SPI Sensing Circuit
  • AndroidStretchSense Android Data Capture App
  • Ios StretchSense iOS Data Capture App

Our Enterprise Kit is a large toolbox of sensors for product developers. We tailor the kit to contain different types and number of sensors to suit your specific application.

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