Silicone Stretch Sensor evaluation kit

$850 USD

The silicone stretch sensor has 4x mounting holes and can be stretched up to 180% of its original length.

The sensor has a 6-pin rigid connector that can be connected to the 10-channel SPI sensing circuit through a breakout cable.



  • What is the difference between your fabric and silicone sensor products?

    Both our silicone and fabric sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications, but each sensor type is particularly suited for certain applications.

    Our silicone sensors are useful for medical applications where they need to be pressed up against the skin, or in applications where they are adhered directly to or integrated into rubber-like materials. Our fabric sensors are ideal for wearable applications where the sensors are sewn into garments.

  • What are stretch sensors?

    StretchSense sensors are like smart rubber bands. They are flexible capacitors which are soft, stretchy and can easily be embedded into clothing or devices.

    Stretch sensors measure how their geometry deforms as a measure of electrical capacitance. When they are attached correctly to a soft body of material, such as clothing or on a person’s body, the sensors provide precise information about how that object or person’s body is moving through the sensor’s geometry changes.

  • What can stretch sensors measure?

    By understanding a stretch sensor’s deformation, our customers are able to measure human body extension, bending, pressure and shear forces. This allows athletes to receive feedback on technique, consumers to interact in new ways with augmented reality devices and for healthcare providers to track the recovery of their patients.

  • What industries are currently using StretchSense?

    Our customer base spans a diverse range of industries. Some examples include wearables, sports and fitness, VR/AR, healthcare, rehabilitation, robotics, automotive, aerospace, fashion, music, movies and gaming.

    Our customers use our sensors to measure body motion, the interactions between humans and devices, and to measure subtle changes in soft industrial objects.

  • What is a circuit channel?

    Typically one sensor occupies its own channel. Our Fabric Sensor Kit is connected to a 1-channel Bluetooth circuit whereas our StretchSPORT, StretchHEALTH and StretchVR come with a 10-channel SPI sensing circuit.

    We also offer a Bluetooth adapter which allows our 10-channel SPI sensing circuit to connect via Bluetooth LE to a mobile device.