Why sacrifice comfort or accuracy when you can have both with StretchSense?

Our high-fidelity finger tracking solution revolutionizes hand motion capture with soft, stretch sensor motion capture gloves, enhanced by intelligent software.

Pose detection

Allows you to design the exact hand poses you want prior to a shoot

Machine learning

Learns how to adapt to your performer’s unique physiology


No drift means poses remain stable during live action

With StretchSense, gone are the days waiting for cleanup in post-production.
Instead, introduce art direction from the very start of the creative process, with custom designed poses, that can be edited immediately during a live shoot ensuring exact results.

Our solution will save you time and money.
Why not try it for yourself?


Silver SpoonBaby Nut live, 4.5 hour performance streamed during the Big Game 2020
OnPoint StudiosScenes from CARGO, a virtual theatrical performance, live-streamed worldwide
Imagination FilmsLive animated character El Chepe from Mexico is seen here performing for Televisa
BrightSign“The only smart glove in the world that can translate any sign into any spoken language: instantly”
Veronica Lynn HarperDesigner and technology artist; creator of interactive augmented reality exhibitions