Splay Sensing Discovery Kit

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Our splay sensors are designed for tracking finger motion. They have multiple segments to pick up movements such as finger spread and the bending of the proximal interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joints. 
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Each kit contains the following:

  • Splay sensors: multi-segment (3-channel) sensors
  • 16-channel circuit: StretchSense ASIC-enabled high-speed sensing circuit with integrated Bluetooth 5
  • Sensor connector breakout board: enables connection of up to 16 RF-terminated sensors to the 16-channel circuit
  • Multi-purpose digital IO breakout board: for wired serial connections to the 16-channel circuit
  • Kinesiology tape strips: pre-cut stretchable tape strips for temporarily attaching sensors to fingers

Splay Sensor features:

  • Soft and flexible: will conform to any hand size and shape
  • Three sensing zones within each sensor: capture bending in 2 axes at the finger base, and bending of at the first finger joint
  • Minimal variance in performance under changing temperature and humidity levels

Lead time from order: 4 weeks



3-Channel Splay Sensor Overview







Additional information

Number of Sensors

10x sensors with 2x 16-channel circuits and cases, 5x sensors with 1x 16-channel circuit and case