Hand Engine 1.5.3 Floating License Server

$0.00 USD

Floating license server for Hand Engine.




  • Connect and calibrate to six pairs of gloves at the same time
  • Advanced Timecode support: jam sync to an external module e.g. one StretchSense module synced to an UltraSync One to timecode all gloves
  • Digital slate integration: receive take names and start/stop triggers from an external source
  • Floating licenses:  install on a server so other machines can check out licenses to use them
  • Use your own FBX to remap the output of Hand Engine to match custom characters
  • Store unlimited performer and calibration profiles
  • Live stream to Unreal Engine, Unity3D and MotionBuilder (Maya in development)
  • Pose Detection Mode: train the hand poses you need with keyframe quality precision
  • Blend Mode: AI assisted smooth continuous hand solving
  • Preview calibration results
  • Pre-built pose libraries included e.g. American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Edit and create your own poses
  • Save custom workspace configurations
  • Auto capture – automatically step through a pose library to a timer
  • Record and playback raw data files
  • Support from the MoCap Pro Support Desk


Plugins for Unreal Engine, Unity3D and MotionBuilder are included. Maya  in an upcoming release.


We will assign your license and provide access to the Hand Engine Studio installer within two business days.


Your device must meet all minimum requirements to operate this product:

  • Windows 10 (x64)
  • CPU 2.5GHz
  • GPU Dedicated graphics
  • Memory 8GB