MoCap Pro SuperSplay Glove


The premium hand solution for animators and mocap studios

Built for Animators

Calibrate the gloves using your own pose libraries and get keyframe quality data from live performance capture

Stretch Sensors

Instead of optical or inertial tech, our mocap gloves use stretch sensors and AI to deliver results with no occlusion or drift

Robust and Hygienic

Built to endure the rigour of live performance and machine washable

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MoCap Pro SuperSplay gloves produce high quality hand motion capture with minimal cleanup required. It signals the future of high fidelity finger tracking that animators have been waiting for. 

SuperSplay gloves are fitted with multi-segment splay sensors that are cleverly designed to capture knuckle bending and finger splay separately.

Our gloves are stable and robust enough to hold their calibration during actions such as live applause or rigorous combat scenes.

Pose Detection and Blend Modes

With Pose Detection Mode you can train the MoCap Pro glove to learn the poses you want to see on your character: bringing art direction in at the very start of production, rather than in post. 

Blend Mode is a powerful feature because it utilizes machine learning to create novelty and nuance by blending between previously trained poses. 

The ability to create this level of animation with zero keyframing means you can spend less time doing tedious stuff and more time on the fun parts!

Stream Live to Multiple Platforms

Our proprietary software Hand Engine streams hand data directly into MotionBuilder, Unity, Maya, Unreal Engine and Xsens MVN.

The facility to export to FBX files in Hand Engine, introduced in version 1.1.0, means any software platform that uses FBX can import MoCap Pro glove data. This opens up possibilities use our hand motion capture solution with Houdini and Blender.

Hand Engine also listens directly to Vicon timecode, making it easy to sync our premium finger tracking to a Vicon system.⁠

Introducing the MoCap Pro Glove

Pose Detection & Blend Modes

Stream Live to Multiple Platforms

All Day Comfort & Battery Life

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