Software to support the MoCap Pro

Quick to Set Up

Download, install and capture hand motion data within minutes

Software Integration

With Unity, MotionBuilder and Unreal Engine software (Maya coming soon)

Poses That Work for You

Choose what poses to upload, or customize poses directly in Hand Engine

Release date to be announced!

Hand Engine is purpose-built software that provides an interface between StretchSense MoCap Pro gloves and the animation software of your choice. Connect, configure and calibrate our gloves using a high fidelity, real-time hand solver.

Our proprietary hand solver has something for both animation and motion capture studios.

  • Pose Detection Mode outputs perfect hand pose keyframes in sync with the actors body motion with no noise and no peaks. Preselect only the hand poses you want to see, and drastically reduce post production time by only needing to craft the transitions between poses.
  • Blend Mode gives you precise, continuous, smooth and nuanced finger movement by using our machine learning core to interpolate between your calibration poses.

The best part though is that you can toggle between each mode in post production with the click of a button.

All of the raw information from the hand motion capture session is recorded in Hand Engine, enabling you to effortlessly reprocess a session through a new or manipulated calibration profile, or swap modes without needing to go back to and re-shoot.

Connects to the Following Platforms 

MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine, and Unity3D software

Current Version

Version 1.0 is currently under development and will contain support for MotionBuilder, Unreal, Unity

Available on Windows PC. See System Specifications.

  • Two licence options available, Hand Engine Animator for sole operators and Hand Engine Studio for studios
  • Connect, configure, calibrate and capture up to 4 pairs of gloves simultaneously with Hand Engine Studio licence
  • Create and save individual, personalized calibration profiles that can be used and reused at a later date to reduce time spent re-calibrating the gloves
  • Record raw sensor data and solved hand data against timecode in Hand Engine, and stream real-time hand data to MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine and Unity software — with more platforms like Maya coming soon
  • Send take names and start/stop triggers from your digital slate to make synchronization of hands with body and face simple
  • Re-calibrate and reprocess in post with complete data recording
  • Remote trigger ready — send take names and start/stop triggers from your existing digital slate

Two licencing options are available to suit both studios and individual motion capture experts.


Hand Engine Studio

For studios using multiple pairs of gloves simultaneously on their mocap stage.

  • One licence per mocap stage installation
  • Connect to 4 pairs of gloves simultaneously
  • Includes support priority

US$7,490 per seat for the first year
US$2,490 per year subscription for subsequent years


Hand Engine Animator

For a single glove or pair of gloves used by an animator at a desk or a single performer mocap session.

  • One license per PC
  • Connect to up to 2 gloves simultaneously
  • Includes priority support

US$1,990 per seat for the first year
US$990 per year subscription for subsequent years


Minimum Specifications

Your device must meet all minimum requirements to operate this product.

OSWindows 10 (x64)
GPUDedicated graphics
Memory8 GB


Hand Engine Software
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