Software Integration

Does Hand Engine support Maya?

Hand Engine comes with Maya integration built in. See an example video of MoCap Pro gloves streaming into multiple platforms including Maya.

How do I use the gloves to drive my own hand asset?

You can remap your Hand Engine output to match the hands of a custom character. This will enable you to stream data to your custom character directly through Hand Engine. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see the … Read More

Does the MoCap Pro Glove support Unity?

Yes, you can stream raw data from our gloves to build your own custom applications in Unity. For example, watch this video of a virtual dominoes game using MoCap Pro Gloves, Hand Engine and Unity.    

How does recording work and where do you record?

Captured data can be recorded in several locations to cover all use cases.  Raw data can be saved to a user-specified file on the SD card on board the gloves. Raw data, joint angles and your calibration profile are saved … Read More

How many Bluetooth devices can be streamed from Hand Engine at one time?

Hand Engine Animator supports 2 pairs of gloves at one time while Hand Engine Studio supports 6 pairs simultaneously.

Do you have an Unreal plugin?

Hand Engine comes with Unreal Engine integration out of the box. See an example video of MoCap Pro gloves streaming into multiple platforms including Unreal Engine.

How does Timecode work with your gloves?

You can timestamp the data by connecting an UltraSync One module to the glove. There are a range of options of feeding timecode into Hand Engine, such as Local System Time and Glove Clock and we are working on ways … Read More

How can I integrate MoCap Pro Gloves with body data?

Software platforms such as MotionBuilder, Unity and Unreal Engine can combine streams of body and hand data on to a single character. Alternatively, you can record hand data separately and then merge it with body data in post-production.