The SD Card CSV file recorded is being saved under an incorrect format. What can I do?

Currently, the CSV files recorded via SD Card are being saved under an incorrect format where the order of columns is different, this causes issues when importing the data into Hand Engine. We have put a short-term solution until a … Read More

The SD Card record mode was turned on “Triggered by Record”. However, I had trouble saving it on the SD card (FAT32, exFAT).

With recording to SD card, the glove just records the raw data from the sensors within the glove. This data can be passed through Hand Engine (HE) in order to reconstruct the hand motion by running HE in File mode. … Read More

The glove is blinking red, I am charging through the USB-C cable but it is not working. What can I do?

You are plugged into the wrong port. Unplug from the USB-C port and plug instead to the Micro-USB port and make sure the side switch is set to C (charging) not D (data).