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How do I stream timecode over to MotionBuilder?

Hand Engine is always streaming time data with hand pose information to downstream software (e.g. MoBu). The “Key to Timecode” option in Motionbuilder should adjust the timeline to the time of day in the Hand Engine recording.   In MotionBuilder, … Read More

How to Jam-sync the gloves with the UltraSync One timecode modules?

To jam-sync the glove hardware using an UltraSync One module you will need to plug it in via the USB-C port on the glove for a few seconds. You can jam sync the UltraSync One module to the house clock … Read More

How do you put the gloves on and take them off?

Because glove sensors run up the back of the fingers and hand, make sure you only pull on the palm side of the glove. This video shows you the correct way to remove and put the gloves on.

How do I use the gloves to drive my own hand asset?

You can remap your Hand Engine output to match the hands of a custom character. This will enable you to stream data to your custom character directly through Hand Engine. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see the … Read More

How do I use MoCap Pro Gloves if the actor has different length fingers than the hand asset?

You train them exactly the same way you train any actor. If the position of the knuckle is different from person to person there is significant room for overlap and zero impact on function as long as the knuckles fall … Read More