How do you put the gloves on and take them off?

Because glove sensors run up the back of the fingers and hand, make sure you only pull on the palm side of the glove. This video shows you the correct way to remove and put the gloves on.

Glove is blinking red, I am charging through the USB-C cable but it is not working. What can I do?

You are plugged into the wrong port. Unplug from the USB-C port and plug instead to the Micro-USB port and make sure the side switch is set to C (charging) not D (data).

How long is battery life?

Our gloves have a battery life of 8-10 hours continuously streaming data, enough  for a full day’s mocap shoot. Our modules require 2-3 hours to be fully recharged.

How do I use MoCap Pro Gloves if the actor has different length fingers than the hand asset?

You train them exactly the same way you train any actor. If the position of the knuckle is different from person to person there is significant room for overlap and zero impact on function as long as the knuckles fall … Read More

What gloves sizes do you offer?

Our gloves are made of a stretchy material so have a good tolerance for various hand sizes and shapes. However, it is important that you purchase the right size glove for your actor or animator’s hands. We have sizes 1, … Read More

Are gloves washable?

Yes, our gloves are made to be machine-washed. Pull the circuit and built-in battery out and the gloves are ready to be machine-washed and line-dried. This video shows how easy it is to sanitize the MoCap Pro.

How robust are the gloves, in particular for combat scenes and stunts?

Our gloves are designed for stunts including martial arts and use with props such as swords. Our sensors are very tough and because they are sewn into the glove fabric, therefore they cannot snap or break with reasonable use. Our … Read More