Hand Engine Software

Do I need to have internet access to use Hand Engine?

Although Hand Engine opens in a web browser, you only need to be connected to the internet when you first activate your license and then at least once per 30 days after that to stay activated. Once activated, you can … Read More

Can you name files?

Hand Engine saves files according to the convention: <x>_<actor name>_<profile name>_Hand_<left/right>_<take name>_<date>_<time>.

Can I live trigger recording?

You can live record information in MotionBuilder, Maya, Unity Unreal, and Xsens MVN. Live triggering record to SD Card is also available.

What is the difference between the Hand Engine Animator and Studio licenses?

Hand Engine Animator is for sole operators and Hand Engine Studio suitable for studios. For a comprehensive list of features for each license type, see the Animator & Studio Comparison table on the Hand Engine page.

How does recording work and where do you record?

Captured data can be recorded in several locations to cover all use cases.  Raw data can be saved to a user-specified file on the SD card on board the gloves. Raw data, joint angles and your calibration profile are saved … Read More

How many Bluetooth devices can be streamed from Hand Engine at one time?

Hand Engine Animator supports 2 pairs of gloves at one time while Hand Engine Studio supports 6 pairs simultaneously.

What are some alternative ways to stream Glove data other than Bluetooth?

We have developed a lightweight app that connects to a performer’s on-body smartphone so you can broadcast data over WiFi to an off-stage computer. Ideal for a large mocap stage or multiple performers that are interacting with each other. You … Read More

Some mocap software can trigger recording start and stop. Do you have an API for this?

Hand Engine is capable of accepting software triggers but we have not established the documentation around this function yet. We intend to have pre-built support for common digital slate software, plus the ability to specify a generic input for custom … Read More