When can I expect to receive my order?

Shipping times vary depending on location. Please contact us for the status of delivery times to your area.

What are some alternative ways to stream Glove data other than Bluetooth?

We provide WiFi modules and recommend this solution where you have more than four actors in a small space or when you will be operating the gloves in a noisy environment. You can also use our gloves in USB tethered … Read More

What kind of sensors are in the MoCap Pro Gloves?

Each MoCap Pro Glove has five multi-segment splay sensors running down each finger and thumb. These sensors can measure the bend of the proximal interphalangeal joint and the metacarpophalangeal joints separately as well as lateral spread of the fingers (finger … Read More

How often do I need to re-calibrate MoCap Pro Gloves?

Our gloves can be calibrated using a process of mapping raw sensor values to various hand poses that you can choose.  Because our gloves fit snugly on your hands there is no a need to constantly re-calibrate the gloves. Watch … Read More

How are MoCap Pro Gloves different from other smart gloves?

Our soft stretchy sensors give unparalleled hand capture performance with no drift or need for re-calibration. We have also developed a pipeline for animators that puts art direction at the front of the process. These two combined shortens production time … Read More

What is the MoCap Pro Glove?

The MoCap Pro Glove is a motion capture glove designed to capture fine hand and finger performance for use in animation across a range of industries including film and game development. It is a non-optical glove, instead using bespoke stretch … Read More