Integrated BLE Fabric Stretch Sensor Evaluation Kit

$850 USD

The Fabric Stretch Sensor is a field-ready wearable motion sensor, designed to provide extremely precise real-time data on the motion of a soft object, like the human body.

Whether for healthcare, rehabilitation, animation, or human-machine interaction, measuring how people move has never been easier. The kit comes with two sensors.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between your fabric and silicone sensor products?

    Both our silicone and fabric sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications, but each sensor type is particularly suited for certain applications.

    Our silicone sensors are useful for medical applications where they need to be pressed up against the skin, or in applications where they are adhered directly to or integrated into rubber-like materials. Our fabric sensors are ideal for wearable applications where the sensors are sewn into garments.

  • Can I connect multiple Bluetooth circuits to the same device?

    Yes, this is dependent on the device specs and Bluetooth platform used.

  • What is the best way to work with StretchSense?

    We aim to ensure our customers have the smoothest journey from discovery of sensing technology, product prototyping and mass production. A great starting place is to try one of our evaluation kits which are designed to be generic sensor kits for engineers and product developers to start testing with.

  • What customisation work does StretchSense do?

    We make complete sensing systems that are ready to be integrated into our customers’ products. We make the sensors, connections, circuitry and data capture software and are able to customise in each of those of areas.

  • What industries are currently using StretchSense?

    Our customer base spans a diverse range of industries. Some examples include wearables, sports and fitness, VR/AR, healthcare, rehabilitation, robotics, automotive, aerospace, fashion, music, movies and gaming.

    Our customers use our sensors to measure body motion, the interactions between humans and devices, and to measure subtle changes in soft industrial objects.