Energy harvesting

Power your wearable through body motion

Power your microelectronics with energy from human body motion! Walking and running dissipates a large amount of energy which can be captured and used to power devices. Self­-powered wearables with integrated energy harvesting are the next step towards creating 'disappearables': devices that disappear into our everyday clothes and shoes because you never have to charge them.

Energy harvesting for wearables

Power your wearable with motion without the need to replace or recharge batteries

How it works

Energy Harvesting

Tech Deep Dive

The Energy Harvesting Kit generates electricity from compression of its Soft Generator unit. Each time the soft generator relaxes from its compressed state, mechanical energy is converted to high voltage electrical energy, harvested, and converted to a low voltage output that you can use to power wearable devices.

By squashing the Soft Generator at a human-friendly 0.5 to 1.5 Hz, you can generate up to 1mW or more average power using our standard Energy Harvesting Kit. Use this to power sensors, activity trackers or any other low power microelectronics.

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Energy Harvesting Kit

  • BatteryBattery
  • Power Indicator LED Light and DC JackPower Indicator LED Light and DC Jack
  • Soft Generator and Energy Harvesting CircuitSoft Generator and Energy Harvesting Circuit

Prototype self-powered wearables with the Energy Harvesting Kit

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Extra for advanced makers

We recommend the Energy Harvesting Kit as the first step in developing a custom energy harvesting solution for your future products.

For advanced R&D teams we can help tailor the energy harvesting system to meet your specific needs including:

  • Custom generator geometry
  • Miniaturization of energy harvesting circuits and reference designs for you to integrate into your own circuits
  • Designing for the best deformation ‘mode’, i.e., compression or stretch mode
  • Real-­time power measurement and optimisation circuitry

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