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Request a trial

Grab yourself a trial of our premium hand motion capture solution

32 Global locations

We offer trials in the USA, Canada, UK, all European Union countries, Australia and New Zealand

Glove & software

Trial includes a MoCap Pro glove and our proprietary software application Hand Engine Animator

Expert support

Our support team will guide you through set up and integration with your existing motion capture systems

Please note that we no longer sell sensor kits nor individual sensors.
Trial package

Our trial packages consist of a single MoCap Pro glove and a short-term license for our hand mocap software application Hand Engine Animator.

Once signed up for a trial you can expect support from our motion capture consultants who between them have a broad range of mocap expertise – from studio shoots to engineering. We’ll help you set up the glove and software and take you through everything you need to know to get the best out of your experience.

Trial period

We have a limited number of trial packages available in each of our global locations, so trial periods are normally scheduled for a two-week period.

However, if you have specific requirements please discuss this with our team and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your specific requirements.

Trial limitations

We currently offer trials in the USA, Canada, UK, all European Union countries, Australia and New Zealand. If you are located elsewhere and would like to request a trial please contact us.

Request a trial package
Use this form to request a short-term trial of a MoCap Pro glove and the Hand Engine software application. One of our motion capture experts will be in touch within two business days to confirm your requirements and availability of stock.