Thumbs up hand pose in Hand

The Hand Engine Experimental Release Program

We are excited to announce that future experimental releases of Hand Engine will be available to all our users. These release candidates will incorporate new features that will make a significant improvement to overall user experience, and current Hand Engine … Read More

Hand Engine Hybrid

New Hand Engine “Hybrid Mode”

StretchSense’s Hand Engine will soon feature Hybrid Mode, which the StretchSense CTO Todd Gisby calls, “the best of both worlds”. Hybrid Mode combines the two existing modes in Hand Engine — Pose Detection and Blend — in a predetermined way … Read More

Hand Engine hand mocap software by StretchSense.

Hand Engine Update v1.0.1

New Hand Engine update available Released: 9 December 2020 Current Hand Engine users can now download v1.0.1 in the Software Licenses section of their StretchSense account. Enhancements included in this release: File playback occurs at the same rate as the … Read More