A new era in motion capture: A glove for every need.

Until now, only top motion capture studios could afford high-quality hand capture, leaving others limited by the price. StretchSense welcomes you to the new era of motion capture. Today we announce two new motion capture gloves priced at $795 and … Read More

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Get the best hand mocap solution for less

StretchSense announces price change for the MoCap Pro Fidelity

Since the launch of the MoCap Pro Fidelity, we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our customers. We have carefully considered the feedback regarding our subscription pricing model and are delighted to introduce a new optional pricing structure with a lower starting price. … Read More

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Astro Project and Snoop Dogg web3

Larry (snoop) dogg enters web3 with new Astro Project music video

Astro Project – case study Vicon are one of the leading body motion capture technology companies in the world, they’ve been used for blockbuster movies like Space Jam 2 and in helping develop robot intelligence in extraterrestrial environments. With that … Read More

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OnPoint Studio Case Study with StretchSense

OnPoint Studios case study: producing real-time improv & immersion

Real time motion capture is changing the world of animation, clearing the way for new forms of 3D innovation to be explored. Our friends at OnPoint know this better than anyone and have blended real time mocap and virtual production … Read More

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Mindshow and StretchSense

Mindshow Case Study – A Whole New World

VR has so much creative potential to be explored, and our friends at Mindshow know that better than anyone. By utilizing motion capture (mocap) technology like the StretchSense gloves alongside an immersive VR toolkit, they are revolutionizing the approach of … Read More

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Overcoming Mocap Challenges

Overcoming Mocap Data Challenges

Overcoming Mocap Data Challenges … Read More

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Deskcap vs Mocap 

Deskcap VS Mocap. … Read More

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Deskcap in Production

What is Deskcap … Read More

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