Guitar playing motion capture featuring Xsens and MoCap Pro gloves.

How to Remap Live Guitar to a Character Asset – MoCap Pro Gloves

Recently, we produced a video showing a live motion capture guitar performance using MoCap Pro gloves. Our team produced this demo in one take with no clean up, so we thought we’d share the process that was used to create … Read More

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Webinar Xsens StretchSense MotionBuilder.

Xsens and StretchSense – finger and body mocap in MotionBuilder webinar

It’s the middle of 2020 and many of us are locked down in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. We figured this is the right time to deliver our first webinar: Xsens StretchSense finger and body mocap in … Read More

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Sean Firman, an up and coming indie game developer, created a VR game demo shooting fireballs from hands

The Growing Role of Hand Mocap in VR Gaming and Films

The Growing Role of Hand Mocap in VR Gaming and Films Imagine waking up tomorrow and having to navigate your day with no use of your hands. How limited would you feel not being able to get dressed, pick up … Read More

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Stretch sensors on models' hands to trigger LED lights as they walked down the runway

Sensors and Fashion Come Together at NYFW

Our sensor technology took to the runway at New York Fashion Week, thanks to our collaboration with Intel and Chromat. … Read More

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