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Prototype to Product

StretchSense aims to empower the next generation of smart technology developers. We believe in the seamless integration of people and data to bridge the gap between human and virtual worlds.

We understand the nuanced stages present within the product development cycle. Our development kits are the starting point for you to familiarize yourself with our technology. We then provide custom sensing solutions and commercial assistance with volume scaling. These services are designed to help you accelerate your timeline from initial concept to product launch.

Your journey from concept to product looks like this:

Step 01 . Explore Ideas With Development Kits

Our development kits are designed so you can thoroughly evaluate the technology. During this stage, we encourage you to put the sensors through their paces and learn how to gather data or generate energy from body movement.

Step 02 . Product Validation

After the technical validation stage we review your application requirements and create a customized sensing solution for you. Every aspect of our sensors and electronics can be optimized for seamless integration. We place the utmost importance on our business relationships and operate with the highest levels of trust and integrity in mind. If you’d like to learn more about our IP policy and the exclusivity of your product, you can contact us here.

Step 03 . Market Development

Once prototyping and application development is complete, we can help you face the challenges associated with market validation. We understand that market fit is crucial to the success of your product and navigating the complexities of this stage is critical. We work closely with you to make sure all your needs are met; this includes finding the balance you need to adequately gauge market appetite for the product while satisfying manufacturing, BOM costs, legal and supply chain requirements. StretchSense can also provide commercial assistance including project management, technology transfer, process optimization and change management. Our expertise will enable you to get your product to market with maximum efficiency - crucial for time critical projects.

Step 04 . Manufacturing and logistics 

Having created a great product that satisfies the market, it’s now time to address mass production. There is no need to worry about unnecessary outsourcing; all of our sensors are manufactured at our production facilities in New Zealand. Our specialists will work closely with you to work through quality testing, manufacturing, and market response to ensure that your launch is a success.

StretchSense Kits

Energy Harvesting Kit

  • BatteryBattery
  • Power Indicator LED Light and DC JackPower Indicator LED Light and DC Jack
  • Soft Generator and Energy Harvesting CircuitSoft Generator and Energy Harvesting Circuit

Prototype self-powered wearables with the Energy Harvesting Kit

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Enterprise kit

Enterprise Kit.png
  • BatteryBattery
  • Circuit10-Channel SPI Sensing Circuit
  • AndroidStretchSense Android Data Capture App
  • Ios StretchSense iOS Data Capture App

Our Enterprise Kit is a large toolbox of sensors for product developers. We tailor the kit to contain different types and number of sensors to suit your specific application.

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