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Why Is It Useful To Digitize Body Motion?

Digitizing body motion is valuable because it gives us quantitative data that enables detailed technical analysis of human movement. This is very helpful when analyzing a training session — practicing a golf swing, for example. You could see that your elbow bent at exactly 24 degrees and that it took your arm 0.68 seconds to move from straight to the 24-degree position. Such analysis applies to a wide range of fields in the area of sports and fitness.

Digitizing body motion means you have real numbers rather than just observations with which to gauge performance. It’s reliable and objective; it isn’t prone to human bias and can be used as evidence to support your conclusions. Without real data, bias can easily occur where the person making judgments about progress is invested in the outcome; for example, someone who personally designed a training program.

Having data also means you have something you can apply statistical analysis to. With quantitative data, you can look at relationships between independent and dependent variables to establish cause and effect, and determine if altering the training program can cause any statistically significant changes in performance. These patterns, relationships, and trends help to inform strategies and determine future training techniques. Decisions you make are backed up by hard numbers rather than simply by statements on progress. This data can even help us understand the causes of injuries and aid in developing systems for injury prevention.

Digitizing body motion gives you access to numerical data that describes how motion occurs. The correct interpretation of this data can enhance your understanding of the mechanisms of body motion. With a complete picture of how the motion is occurring, you can tailor your training routine to get the very best results.

For more information about how you can use stretch sensors to digitize body motion get in touch here.

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