About StretchSense and our mocap gloves

About Us

Our mission: set the industry standard for finger tracking motion capture

THE team behind the MOCAP PRO GLOVE

MoCap Pro gloves were developed by StretchSense, creators of the unique stretchable sensors that make the 
MoCap Pro the world’s leading device for hand motion capture and finger tracking.


StretchSense was founded in 2012, and since 2018 we have dedicated our focus to developing and producing the most usable and accurate motion capture glove available.

We are an engineering team at heart with a keen focus on improving our tech in response to customer feedback. This is a key reason why our mocap gloves are trusted by motion capture studios and animators around the world.

Choose us as your glove vendor and get your hands into the world’s most accurate stretch sensor based glove. You will get the full StretchSense team supporting you with integration, mocap shoots, post-processing and in learning how to leverage our gloves in your marketing. 

For more information, please get in touch with our friendly team