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Introducing Hand Engine update 1.4.0

Production day is hectic. You want your focus to be on capturing the expression of your performer, not improving data results. Harness consistent quality data, and lightning speed, to power your collective creativity.

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The beginning of a new Hand Engine user experience

Updated user interface

Customers use StretchSense for multi-performer scenes, so an optimized user interface is critical. In this release we’re excited to unveil the first steps towards a user interface organized by performer rather than by glove. Key information is clearer and more accessible making it easy to find what you’re looking for at a glance.

It’s faster to setup performer profiles with customizable labels that automatically add information such as actor name and hand descriptions.

All the information you need to monitor all your performers is now visible from a single view, for up to six performers at once.

Login to your account to download the latest update.

We’re not all IT-Savvy! Introducing the StretchSense Launcher

We’ve got a fast release cadence here at StretchSense and to get the best quality result from our hand tracking solution you’ll want to leverage the latest enhancements.

Our new Launcher app manages and installs your glove and dongle firmware updates with just a few clicks and no mess.

We’re releasing it now in Open Beta so you can get started with it straight away for firmware updates, and when the production version is released, it will also manage your software updates. 

For information on exactly how to install and use the Launcher visit our Knowledge Base.

Take the guesswork out of installing updates and download the Launcher now.

Get the great calibration results we do

Express calibration tutorial

We teach you, and your performers, the knack of getting optimal results from Express Calibration with a new in-software video that shows you exactly how to do it.  

There is a common misconception that the more data you give a machine learning algorithm, the better the results. The reality is that the algorithm learns from the min/max values – not the amount of data it’s given.  

Our new video tutorial shows you how to produce the best results for our algorithm, which means you’ll capture even better data for your animators faster. For more information on using Express Calibration please visit our Knowledge Base.
Get consistently excellent results from day one, in less than 15 seconds per performer, giving you more time to focus on creativity and expression. Download Hand Engine 1.4.0 now.

Got feedback? We'd love to hear it

Let us know what you like and want to see more of in the comments below or send us a direct message. Our development roadmap is designed around what our customers tell us they need so your contribution will have a direct impact on our

Full Release Notes

Moderate update

Hand Engine Update 1.4.0

Previous version

Hand Engine Animator 1.3.0, Hand Engine Studio 1.3.0

Deprecated versions

Hand Engine Animator 1.2.0, Hand Engine Studio 1.2.0

Operating system

Windows 10, 64bit

Meaning of icons

+added, ^changed, !note, #fixed, -removed


FBX functionality requires latest firmware version for glove (v1.0.17) and dongle (v1.0.12)

New Firmware Update Process via Launcher (Open Beta)

How to Update Your Mocap Pro Glove and USB Dongle Firmware via the StretchSense Launcher

Legacy Firmware Update Process

Glove Firmware Update Process

Dongle Firmware Update Process



1. Introduction

This section describes the new features, improvements and bug fixes included in software update 1.4.0 for Hand Engine. Update Hand Engine by logging in and downloading the installer files from your account.

2. Major Enhancements and Features

+Hand Engine User Interface now arranged by performer, not by glove
  • Hand Engine Interface improved to simplify performer setup
  • Pairs of gloves now appear under a single performer panel to simplify workflow

  • Users are presented with a more focused setup view. This includes performer setup, left and right glove connection, express calibration and streaming options

  • Additional controls are accessible via the expandable “Advanced Calibration Options” button. Additional options include Captured Poses, Blend, Pose and Hybrid Mode Settings, Glove Timecode and SD Card Options

  • Profiles for left and right hands are auto-populated upon creating a Performer

  • A sensor indicator was added per device. This allows users to monitor multiple active performers simultaneously (provides summed sensor output from all sensors in active glove)

  • Scene and Object Tab hidden from default view. “Edit Pose” button available to access bone hierarchy and local rotations
+ Express Calibration tutorial video has been included in-software to guide users through the Express Calibration process

3. Other Features

+Connection type selectors for USB, File and Network have been replaced with SVG Icons

+Actor replaced by Performer in all instances

+Character section replaced with Left and Right groups

+Remap feature moved into Streaming section

+Preview button replaced with Live/Pose toggle in Hand Engine Viewport

+Serial and firmware info can be found by hovering over the “Information/i” icon on each device panel

+Ability to choose to export Left Device Calibration Profile or Right Device Calibration Profile. Located under File>Export Calibration Left and File>Export Calibration Right

+Message displayed when user clicks Add Pose. Identifies to user which hand model was used as the pose template

+FBX Recording toggle updated from Hands Only/Full Body to Hands/Body

+If “use remote trigger system take location” is set to on in Settings>Preferences, a backup of recorded files will still be saved in the default recording location save directory set by the user

– Removed left and right hand selector from individual devices

– TCP connection removed from Network Input (only UDP connection is used for beta Wi-Fi bridge Android App)

-Snap proximity UI element removed

4. Bug Fixes

# Error message displayed when you choose a recording location save directory that does not exist

# Error message displayed when SD card not found

# Fixed white screen error in Hand Engine 1.3.0 when setting IP binding

# If “use remote trigger system take location” is set to on in Settings>Preferences and the directory doesn’t exist an error message is displayed to inform the user the save directory does not exist

5. Known Issues

Clicking the scan button does not auto-assign a COMPORT. After clicking scan the user must first select the COMPORT they would like to use from the dropdown list then click the on switch

Master timecode stream only updates when at least one glove is connected. Timecode will update as soon as a connection with the glove is re-established

Manual export of recorded CSV file will use Take Name set in Hand Engine rather than the Take Name used in the CSV file name.

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