How to Remap Live Guitar to a Character Asset – MoCap Pro Gloves

Guitar playing motion capture featuring Xsens and MoCap Pro gloves.

Recently, we produced a video showing a live motion capture guitar performance using MoCap Pro gloves. Our team produced this demo in one take with no clean up, so we thought we’d share the process that was used to create it.

The demo is a good example of the the raw quality you can expect when using our gloves.¬†You’ll see that the finger articulation is excellent – particularly during the strumming – but we need practice with asset clipping!

This video was made using Maya to edit the Renderpeople asset acquired from TurboSquid. Then we exported this as FBX for use in our brand new software application Hand Engine.

We calibrated the gloves using Hand Engine’s “Group Calibration” function, which allows you to calibrate multiple gloves at once, then “Auto-capture” that cycles through the training poses automatically.

It took less that four minutes to train our MoCap Pro gloves for this demonstration after putting them on our performer, Josh.

Next we remapped on to our character using our saved profiles.

Finally in MotionBuilder we connected to Hand Engine for our gloves and MVN Animate for the Xsens body capture suit and began streaming live motion from our guitarist. Since we made this video MVN Animate has now been fully integrated with our gloves meaning you can manage both the gloves and the suit from within MVN.

See our behind the scenes video below for a demonstration of the process.

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